11 Mar 2013

The Best RPGs for Android

The Best RPGs for Android:
Best RPG for Android RPGs have one of the most loyal followings of any video game genre. You can find Final Fantasy fans and Zelda fans arguing in forums to this very day about which franchise is better. Pokemon fans are always bragging about how they caught a MewTwo without a Master Ball. One thing they all have in common is that they all love the RPG title. However, for Android, a good RPG can be hard to find as a simple search can turn up hundreds of results. So we’ve put together a best RPG list to help people find the best of the best. As usual, if you’d rather watch than read, our video is posted at the bottom. Let’s get started.

Best RPGs for Android - Emulators
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Best RPGs for Android – Emulators

Okay, so emulators aren’t technically RPG titles. However, by using an emulator, there is a huge selection of RPGs available to people who know how to find them. We’re not talking obscure titles either. With an SNES emulator, you can find Zelda and Final Fantasy games along with more obscure classics like Mario RPG and Star Ocean. With a PlayStation emulator, you can find greats like Lunar 1 and 2, Final Fantasy 7 through 9, and some more obscure classics like Legend of Legaia and Chrono Cross. With a Game Boy Advanced Emulator, you can play some classic Pokemon games, Breath of Fire, and Golden Sun, among others.
A good emulator is hard to find and sometimes you have to tinker with settings to get certain games to work. Once these peculiarities are perfected, though, new RPG fans can catch up on the classics and old RPG fans can relive some of the greatest games ever made. To get a good Game Boy Advanced emulator, click the source link in the picture above. Click here to find a good PlayStation emulator and Click here for a good SNES emulator. You’ll have to find the ROMs on your own.

Best RPGs for Android - Chrono Trigger
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Best RPGs for Android – Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is one of the most iconic and successful RPGs of all time. There aren’t many trustworthy RPG lists that don’t have Chrono Trigger somewhere in the top 3. It has an original and charming story line mixed with a lovable cast and epic soundtrack. That combo makes Chrono Trigger a must own for RPG aficionados and new players alike. It really is that good.
This is not only available for Android but as an emulator game as well. There are caveats for both. The emulated versions don’t have the newest content included by Square Enix in the Android release. On the other hand, the Android release has had some compatibility problems and people say the controls take a bit to master. No matter which way you play it, you’re in for a treat. The game was made by the guys who did Final Fantasy, the guys who did Dragon Ball, and the guys who did Dragon Quest all working together. It would be like if Jean-Baptiste QuĂ©ru and Linus Torvalds started working with the CyanogenMod team on custom ROMs.

Best RPGs for Android - Covenant of Solitude
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Best RPGs for Android – Covenant of Solitude

Covenant of Solitude is the first RPG on the list that’s native to Android. As such, it’s also one of the best. It presents with a polished look, easy to learn game mechanics, and an original story line. It’s a top down, 2D RPG like Final Fantasy or Pokemon. So fans of those types of games will find this game easy to get used to.
The game starts with a lonely kid who has the ability to talk to and summon monsters. After a tragic accident, the kid ends up in jail and just wants to die. As these games typically go, fate has a much different plan for our protagonist. The opening sequence has a lot of dialogue, but once it gets rolling it will suck players right in.

Best RPGs for Android - Defender of Texel
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Defender of Texel is definitely among the most unique RPGs on the list. When you look at the game play and premise, it feels almost more like a Facebook style flash game than a true RPG. You can only perform so many actions before being forced to wait for more moves and there are in-app purchases. However, there are solid RPG elements there.
The premise of Defender of Texel is simple. You have a small group of fighters that you use to defend the land of Texel. To use them, you swipe the character square during battle to select which line of 3 gets to go. You can do up to 3 swipes in a single round meaning all 9 characters can attack each round if you prefer. After a few battles, you complete missions and earn experience and items. You use the items to build more fighters and the experience to level up. While it isn’t like most traditional RPG styles, people seem to really enjoy it.

Best RPGs for Android - Eve of the Genesis HD
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Best RPGs for Android – Eve of the Genesis HD

Eve of the Genesis HD comes from the same development team that also produced Covenant of Solitude. Between Covenant of Solitude and Eve of Genesis, this makes Kemco Games easily one of the best RPG studios for Android. Eve of Genesis is even more polished and refined than Covenant was and Kemco Games put a bunch of extra little details to make things feel more complete. The characters’ mouths move when they talk and you can see it when you touch or swipe on the home screen. Little things like that do actually matter to some gamers.
Eve of the Genesis begins innocently enough. One of your lady friends takes off on an adventure to a nearby cave. Since all your friends are busy, you are tagged to go get her. As these things go, a casual trip to the cave starts a much larger adventure. Overall the story line is really strong and fans of the top down, 2D RPG style will definitely enjoy this title.

The Best RPGs for Android - Final Fantasy Dimensions
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Best RPGs for Android – Final Fantasy Dimensions and Final Fantasy III

Having a best RPG list without a Final Fantasy title is very nearly blasphemous. It happens to be the second highest selling RPG franchise of all time behind only Pokemon. So we’ve included two on ours. For those who love the old school charm of the early Final Fantasy titles, Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy Dimensions are the games you’re looking for. These are as old school as it gets.
In both games you play a protagonist and, with the help of friends, you wander around the world map on foot or on airships. You slay all the bad guys and defend all the crystals from the forces of evil. For those who played early Final Fantasy titles growing up, buying these games again will bring about waves of nostalgia. For the budding RPG fans, this is the best opportunity to enjoy the titles for the first time.
If you want to grab Final Fantasy Dimensions, click the source URL in the picture above. To get Final Fantasy III, click here.

Best RPGs for Android - Zenonia 5
Source url To download Zenonia 5 from the Google Play Store, click on the source URL.

Best RPGs for Android – Zenonia 5

In an attempt to capture as many different types of RPGs as possible, we’ve included Zenonia 5 on our best RPGs for Android list. Zenonia 5 is a hack and slash RPG where gamers accept new quests from people, go and kill some bad guys, complete the quests, and accept the next one. This is definitely geared toward the more casual RPG gamer. It’s perfect for those who don’t want the tedious dialogue associated with in depth story lines or level grinding.
Thanks to its simplistic game play, above average graphics, and quick level progression, Zenonia 5 definitely appeals to newer RPG fans. In addition to regular game play, there is also a multiplayer element. Gamers can engage in PvP battles to gain more prestige and experience. So if one type of game play gets boring, there is always a second one to play to take a break which should help keep the game fun for awhile.

Best RPGs for Android - SoulCraft
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Best RPGs for Android – SoulCraft

We’re not going to beat around the bush, SoulCraft is one of the best looking games on this list. It cant compare to the best on console and PC, of course, but compared to most Android games, SoulCraft delivers some great graphics. As opposed to most RPGs on this list, SoulCraft plays more like Gauntlet Legends. Players enter levels, hack enemies to pieces, and use the loot and experience to level up and buy upgrades. For fans of hack and slash RPGs, this is among the best out there.
Combat is very simple, as it’s literally just move and fight. As you unlock more things, you’ll have more options in battle like potions and magic use. It’s free to play, but supported by in-app purchases. So there will come a point where you’ll have to grind a little bit if you don’t want to spend money.

Best RPGs for Android - Order & Chaos Online
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Best RPGs for Android – Order & Chaos Online

For you MMORPG fans wondering if we would include something for you, your time has come. Order & Chaos Online is a masterpiece MMORPG on Android and definitely the one we’d recommend to anyone looking for an MMORPG adventure. The graphics are above average, the game play is pretty simple to learn, and people in the game are generally pretty friendly. In fact, while I was testing this game, someone randomly came up and saved my life from an enemy that someone at my level had no business fighting. As I say in the video, thank you again random online person!
Aside from the camaraderie, simple game play, and decent graphics, Order & Chaos Online features some character customization, a few character classes, and different areas people can play through. These “servers” are accessible to anyone in any area but you have to pay a small fee to switch over.  If you’ve been waiting for an MMORPG on Android to sate your addiction, look no further than Order & Chaos Online.

Best RPGs for Android - Leaderboard

So which RPGs are the best?

As you can see above, we’ve made a leaderboard taking the best RPGs and ranking them. These rank are not based on personal prejudice or bias. They are determined by you guys, the gamers, as these are ordered based on their rating in the Google Play Store. In the event of a tie, the game with more reviews took the higher spot. So if you’ve never played an RPG before or you don’t know which RPGs on Android to try out first, the gamers have spoken. Just check the picture above to see which games people believed to be the best.
As we stated earlier, RPG gamers are among the most loyal fans in the video game universe. So it’s understandable that your favorite may not be on this list. If we managed to miss one of your favorites, feel more than free to leave us a comment and let us know what we missed!

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