12 Jun 2009

Pac-Man in JavaFX


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The O'Reilly InsideRIA site has published an interesting series of articles by Haining Henry Zhang titled "Writing the Pac-Man Game in JavaFX"... Also:
Java Today: Writing the Pac-Man Game in JavaFX, JavaOne - my personal favorite sessions, and LINQ to XSD Released on CodePlex.
Weblogs: Top 5 Most Important Features in JavaFX 1.2, JWebPane BOF slides at JavaOne 2009, and AGFA Healthcare - Using GlassFish for Field Force Automation, Time Registration, SAP Integration.
Featured Articles: Zero and Shark: a Zero-Assembly Port of OpenJDK; Protect Your Legacy Code Investment with JNA.
Featured Podcast: Java Mobility Podcast 79: JavaOne 2009 Preview.


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